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Proscan is one brand of the French company Technicolor SA (previously named Thomson SA) with products competing with higher-end electronics. The ProScan name is owned by Technicolor USA, Inc (previously named Thomson Consumer Electronics). The company created television and video products to compete with Sony's Trinitron XBR, Pioneer's Elite, and other electronics brand lines. Competition is focused mainly on price to size ratio. The tagline for ProScan is "So advanced, yet so simple."

The Proscan brand superseded the RCA Dimensia line in the early 1990s after the purchase of RCA by General Electric and lasted into the early 2000s until it was dropped for the RCA Scenium brand. Thomson SA has never manufactured or distributed televisions in the United States labeled Thomson. In 2006, Thomson Consumer Electronics licensed the Proscan name to ON Corporation, although they retain ownership of the name and logotype.

While the text above and the related Web link ( refer mostly to the company ProScan manufacturing television sets (and tablets), there are several other (unrelated) products or businesses under the same name, "ProScan": ProScan, a PC-based OBD-II scan tool (a software that allows a PC to be used as a car scan tool to diagnose automobile troubles), see Proscan, an All-In-One Computer Aided Scanning Program for radio frequency scanning (including radio police scanners), see PROSCAN Version 1.7 suite of programs developed by Dr. Dan Prestridge (bioinformatics, notably analysis of DNA sequences), see PROSCAN, an Australian manufacturer of scanners (document scanners, such as flatbed, portable, or film scanners), see ProScan family of companies headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, specialized in medical imaging services, see

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