Print syndication

Print syndication distributes news articles, columns, comic strips and other features to newspapers, magazines and websites. They offer reprint rights and grant permissions to other parties for republishing content of which they own/represent copyrights.

Prominent American and international syndication services include Family Features Editorial Syndicate, Guardian News Service, News International Syndication, The New York Times News Service, Telegraph Media Group, Tribune Media Services and Project Syndicate. Universal Press Syndicate provides news and lifestyle content to publications and IFA-Amsterdam (International Feature Agency). Cagle Cartoons offers newspaper editorial cartoons and columns. 3DSyndication comprises Syndication Service from India, the India Today Group's Syndications Today and Times Syndication Service of India. Royal Comics Syndicate is a Finnish comics syndicate founded in 2004.

Comic strip syndication

A comic strip syndicate functions as an agent for cartoonists and comic strip creators, placing the cartoons and strips in as many newspapers as possible on behalf of the artist. In some cases, the work will be owned by the syndicate as opposed to the creator. A syndicate can annually receive thousands of submissions from which only two or three might be selected for representation. The leading strip syndicates include Creators Syndicate, King Features Syndicate, NI Syndication, United Media, Universal Uclick and the Washington Post Writers Group.

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