Type Public broadcaster
Country Netherlands
Availability Netherlands
Founded 7 January 2009
by Dominique Weesie
TV stations NPO 3
Radio stations NPO Radio 1
Official website
The signature pink microphone cover of PowNed, which many politicians in the Netherlands have come to dread.

PowNed is a Dutch broadcaster, which transmits radio and television programmes on the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system.[1] Each weekday evening it airs a satirical news show called PowNews on Nederland 3, in which politicians and other public and non-public figures are confronted with provocative questions, and often ridiculed.

The broadcaster is affiliated with and was started up with the help of the popular GeenStijl shock blog.

The director of PowNed is Dominique Weesie (who also presents PowNews) and their star reporter is Rutger Castricum. Other reporters include(d) Jojanneke van den Berge, Jan Roos (also presenter of the radio programme Echte Jannen with Jan Dijkgraaf) and Daan Nieber. Several other people involved with PowNed programmes (radio and television) are DJ's Rob Stenders and Bert van Lent, sports presenters Henk Spaan and Hugo Borst (of the TV football programme Heilig Gras), Bas Paternotte (political commentator for Echte Jannen) and Brenno de Winter (ITC commentator for PowNews).

The name is a backronym for Publieke Omroep Weldenkend Nederland En Dergelijke (English: Public broadcaster (for the) well-thinking Netherlands and the like). PowNed claims to serve the network generation and argues heavily (in a tongue-in-cheek style) against baby boomers whom it sees as clinging on to power.



Danny Ghosen
Presenter Season
1 2 3 4 5
Rutger Castricum
Jan Roos
Jojanneke van den Berge
Daan Nieber
Danny Ghosen
Jan Versteegh
Nadia Poeschmann
Gerben van Driel
Tom Staal
Bram Endedijk
Jeroen Holtrop
Roel Maalderink
Sanae Orchi






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