Plochman's is an American brand of mustard. It is made by the Plochman, Inc., company based in Manteno, Illinois. It is most recognized by its barrel shaped bottle.

Founded in 1852 by Moritz Plochman[1] (an emigrant from Württemberg)[2] as Premium Mustard Mills in Chicago, it later changed its name to Plochman, Inc. In 1957 it began selling mustard in the now famous yellow squeeze barrel. It was the first successful squeeze condiment in the United States. Plochman's is one of the top five brands of mustard in the United States, and Plochman's is still family owned and operated. Plochman's sell a variety of mustard condiments from classic American yellow, stone ground, spicy, Dijon, beer, Kosciusko and even horseradish. Plochman's motto is "the true Mustard Lover's Mustard".

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