Pixie Hollow Bake Off

Pixie Hollow Bake Off
Written by Kate Kondell
Directed by Elliot M. Bour
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Jan Hirota
Editor(s) Lisa Linder
Running time 6 minutes
Production company(s) DisneyToon Studios
Prana Studios
Distributor Disney–ABC Domestic Television
Original network Disney Channel
Original release
  • October 20, 2013 (2013-10-20)

Pixie Hollow Bake Off is a six-minute short, based on the Disney Fairies franchise, produced by DisneyToon Studios. It aired in the United Kingdom on October 20, 2013, on Disney Channel. It is based loosely on J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan stories, by way of Disney's animated adaptation.[1]


Tink challenges Gelata to see who can bake the best cake for the queen's party. There are a group of baking fairies, the main one being Gelata (Lisa Faulkner in the UK version and by Giada De Laurentiis in the US version). The baking fairies always make exactly the same cake for Queen Clarion's Arrival Day party, for the last 399 years.

Tinker Bell has an idea for a different kind of cake, which Gelata takes as a challenge... hence, the bake off. Tink and her friends compete against the baking fairies. In the end, Tink's cake looks very appealing, but finds out looks aren't everything.



The special debuted in the United Kingdom on The Disney Channel on October 20, 2013. It was later featured as an exclusive bonus disc accompanying the Blu-ray release of The Pirate Fairy in 2014, which included 10 extra mini-shorts of around 1–2 minutes. The special was released widely through Disney Movies Anywhere.[2][3]


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