Pioneers Who Got Scalped

Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology
Compilation album by Devo
Released 2000
Label Warner Bros.
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Pioneers Who Got Scalped
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Pioneers Who Got Scalped is an anthology by American new wave band Devo, released in 2000. 17 of the 50 tracks are previously unissued on CD, including b-sides, remixes, soundtrack songs and spoken word material. The band recorded the long-time concert favorite "The Words Get Stuck In My Throat" in the studio for the first time, specifically for inclusion on this compilation.

The original Rhino package used lenticular printing to create "animated" front and back covers. The front cover animation showed tomahawks flying towards the band members who are tied to stakes and which cause their energy dome hats to fly off their heads. The back cover shows the animated "music executives" throwing the tomahawks. The "music executives" on the back cover were Rhino Records employees. The Rhino employees pictured, from front to back, are David Dorn (from, at the time, the Publicity Department), Arny Schorr (from Rhino Home Video), Mark Pinkus (from Special Markets), Bill Smith (from Radio Promotion), and Bob O'Neill (from Business Affairs).

The liner notes are by music historian Andy Zax, most famous for being the "Music Geek" on the Comedy Central program Beat The Geeks.

Track listing

Asterisks denote songs previously unavailable on CD.

All tracks written by Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald V. Casale, except where otherwise noted. 

Disc One
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "We're All Devo!" (*)Booji Boy & General Boy 1:04
2. "Jocko Homo" (Booji Boy Version)Mothersbaugh 3:18
3. "Mongoloid" (Booji Boy Version)Casale 3:34
4. "Be Stiff" (Stiff Version)Casale, Bob Lewis 2:34
5. "Uncontrollable Urge"  Mothersbaugh 3:10
6. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"  Mick Jagger, Keith Richards 2:40
7. "Too Much Paranoias"  Mothersbaugh 1:58
8. "Come Back Jonee"    3:48
9. "Triumph of the Will"    2:16
10. "Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA"    2:41
11. "Secret Agent Man"  P. F. Sloan, Steve Barri, arr. Mothersbaugh 6:05
12. "The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprize"  Mothersbaugh 3:34
13. "Soo Bawlz"  Mothersbaugh 2:21
14. "It Takes a Worried Man" (*)Traditional, arr. Tom Glazer, Donald Guard 3:28
15. "Girl U Want"    2:56
16. "Freedom of Choice"    3:28
17. "Gates of Steel"  Casale, Mothersbaugh, Sue Schmidt, Debbie Smith[2] 3:28
18. "Whip It"    2:40
19. "Snowball" (Single Remix *)  2:28
20. "Mr. B's Ballroom"  Mothersbaugh 2:47
21. "Working in the Coal Mine"  Allen Toussaint 2:50
22. "Love Without Anger"    2:36
23. "Through Being Cool"  Casale, Mothersbaugh, Bob Mothersbaugh 3:13
24. "Jerkin' Back 'n' Forth"    3:04
25. "Beautiful World"    3:34
26. "Nu-Tra Speaks (New Traditionalist Man)" (Protar)Casale 1:40
Disc Two
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "General Boy Visits Apocalypse Now" (*)General Boy 1:45
2. "Peek-a-Boo!"    3:02
3. "That's Good"    3:26
4. "Big Mess"    2:45
5. "One Dumb Thing" (*)  2:45
6. "Theme from Doctor Detroit" (Dance Mix *)  6:03
7. "Shout"    3:17
8. "Here to Go" (Go Mix Version)  5:31
9. "Are You Experienced?"  Jimi Hendrix 3:09
10. "I Wouldn't Do That to You" (*)  3:14
11. "Bread and Butter" (*)Lawrence Parks, Jay Turnbow 2:31
12. "Let's Talk" (*)Mothersbaugh 2:42
13. "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" (*)Paul Vance, Lee Pockriss 2:11
14. "Baby Doll" (Devo Single Mix *)  3:29
15. "Disco Dancer" (7-inch Version)  4:13
16. "Some Things Never Change"    4:11
17. "It Doesn't Matter to Me" (Live, 09\12\1988)Mothersbaugh 2:15
18. "Stuck in a Loop"    3:50
19. "Post Post-Modern Man"    2:52
20. "Head Like a Hole"  Trent Reznor 4:52
21. "Thanks to You"    3:19
22. "Communication Break-up" (*)Mothersbaugh, Leslie Greif 2:43
23. "Duty Now for the Future!" (*)General Boy 0:30
24. "The Words Get Stuck In My Throat" (*)Booji Boy & Akira Ifukube (from The War of the Gargantuas) 2:49


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