Pinocchio (2012 film)

Directed by Enzo D'Alò
Written by Carlo Collodi (novel)
Enzo D'Alò
Based on The Adventures of Pinocchio
by Carlo Collodi
Music by Lucio Dalla
Edited by Gianluca Cristofari
Release dates
  • August 20, 2012 (2012-08-20) (Venice Film Festival)
Running time
84 min
Country Italy
Language Italian

Pinocchio is a 2012 Italian animation film directed by Enzo D'Alò. It is based on the novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi.[1]

The film had a budget of about 8 million euros.[2] It was screened out of competition at the 70th Venice International Film Festival.[3]

The original score was composed by Lucio Dalla, and includes songs performed by Leda Battisti and Nada.[4] The vocal cast of the film includes Rocco Papaleo, Maurizio Micheli, Paolo Ruffini, Andy Luotto, and Lucio Dalla.[5]


In a small village in Tuscany, the poor carpenter Geppetto decides to fabricate a wooden puppet with socket because he feels himself alone. The puppet is called Pinocchio, and that magically comes to life and begins to make jokes of all kinds to Geppetto and the villagers. Soon Pinocchio escapes, although his father wants him to go to study in school like a normal child; the puppet is captured by the puppeter Mangiafoco, who wants to roast him, but Pinocchio moves him, and manages to save his life. Pinocchio runs into other adventures, encountering swindlers: the Cat and the Fox, then the good Fairy, who protects him, and at the end Lucignolo, a rascal who leads Pinocchio in the fantastic Wonderland.

Voice cast

English dub cast


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