Pinda Vicho Pinda Sunida

Pinda Vicho Pind Sunida

Film Poster Pinda Vicho Pind Sunida 2016

Film Poster Pinda Vicho Pind Sunida 2016
Directed by Navalpreet Rangi
Produced by Studio 7 Production
Lions Era Media Production
Kapoor Films
Written by Navalpreet Rangi
Starring Gavie Chahal
Om Puri
Mannu Sandhu
Sardar Sohi
BK Rakhra
Dave Dhillon
Erika Virk
Dave Walden
Music by Jessica Dhillon
Cinematography Kenneth Lau
Edited by Steven Lupino
Ricky Alvarez
Distributed by Studio 7
Kapoor Films
Release dates
May 2016
Country Canada
Language Punjabi

Pinda Vicho Pind Sunida (also to be released as Motherland) is an Punjabi feature film. It stars Gavie Chahal in the lead role with Mannu Sandhu. It was directed by Navalpreet Rangi. Pinda Vicho Pind Sunida is the second film in the history of Punjabi cinema to be made on such a lavish scale and with renowned Sync Sound technicians who have contributed their best efforts and dedication.


Karam Singh (Sardar Sohi, a business tycoon of the media industry, is a Punjabi settled in Paldi, Canada with his wife and Grand daughter. Jugni (New Face), the elder daughter, was three years old when she was brought to Canada from her birthplace, Punjab. Living a luxurious life in Canada, both daughters are highly influenced by the local culture. Sher, with his family, returns to Punjab after many years to attend a college function. Sher Singh meets Nihal (Gavie Chahal) who happens to be Sher's childhood friend's son. Sher Singh asks Nihal to take Jugni around and show her the beauty of Surrey.

While sightseeing Inder makes Jugni realize how loving and good-natured Punjabis are and how it is beautifully blended with their culture. Though Simar is impressed, her mother (Baljinder Johal) is not comfortable in her country and its lifestyle. Nihal and Jugni soon fall in love, and the families decide to get them married. However, at their engagement, Inder realizes that Jugni's family expects Nihal to settle in Punjab with them after their marriage. Nihal refuse to leave Canada. Annoyed at Nihal Singh, the Sher Singh family returns to Punjab.

Time passes and soon Nihal's parents, seeing his pain without Jugni, insist that he should go to Punjab and get his lost love back. Nihal leaves and is determined to get Jugni back.

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