Piccoli fuochi

Piccoli fuochi
Directed by Peter Del Monte
Starring Valeria Golino
Dino Jaksic
Music by Riccardo Zappa
Cinematography Tonino Nardi
Edited by Anna Rosa Napoli
Release dates
Running time
95 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Piccoli fuochi (also known internationally as Little Flames[1]) is a 1985 Italian drama film directed by Peter Del Monte and starring Dino Jaksic and Valeria Golino in her very first leading role. Golino won a Globo d'oro for Best Breakthrough Actress for her performance in the film.

Plot summary

The Italian childhood fantasy Little Flames (Piccoli Fuochi) concerns 5-year-old Dino Jakosic. Proving too much for his parents, Jakosic is often sent to his room, where he interacts with several bizarre "imaginary" playmates who bedevil the servants with their sadistic pranks (the audience is never certain whether the playmates are real or whether the boy is pulling off the pranks himself). Valeria Golino plays Mara, the family's new maid, whom Jakosic takes a liking to. He begs his playmates to leave Mara alone, but out of jealousy they plan an awful revenge on the poor woman.



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