Philly (TV series)

Created by Steven Bochco
Alison Cross
Starring Kim Delaney
Tom Everett Scott
Rick Hoffman
Robert Harper
Dena Dietrich
Kyle Secor
James Denton
Opening theme "Philly Theme"
by Mike Post
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 22 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Steven Bochco
Kevin Hooks
Rick Wallace
Running time 50 minutes
Production company(s) Steven Bochco Productions
Paramount Network Television
Original network ABC
Original release September 25, 2001 (2001-09-25) – May 28, 2002 (2002-05-28)

Philly is an American television series created by Steven Bochco that focused on criminal defense attorney Kathleen Maguire (Kim Delaney). It lasted a full season (2001–2002) and was canceled due to low ratings. The final episode was advertised heavily as the series finale, a move not commonly used in network promotion, for a series lasting only one season.

The complete series is not on DVD by CBS DVD, but is viewable on Amazon Prime. The series briefly aired in syndication on Universal HD in 2008.


Kathleen Maguire is a single mother and partner in a small Philadelphia law firm with Will Froman (Tom Everett Scott). She fights to get her clients out of trouble and deals with professional conflicts arising from her relationship with her ex-husband Dan Cavanaugh (Kyle Secor), the Deputy for Trials. She also starts to date Judge Augustus "Jack" Ripley (James Denton).

Actress Delaney left her role on Bochco's NYPD Blue to make this series. She later returned to NYPD Blue for a limited number of episodes.

Hill Street Blues veteran Veronica Hamel appeared as Judge Marjorie Brennan, the woman who Will's father cheated on his mother with and whom Will himself gets involved with, and Joanna Cassidy appeared in the pilot as Kathleen's partner Marian Marshall, whose mental breakdown in court complicates Kathleen's life when she is forced to take over the firm in her absence. NYPD Blue veteran Sharon Lawrence appeared in the episodes "Here Comes the Judge" and "Lies of Minelli" as Tabitha Davenport, a madam whose client list includes Judge Irwin Hawes (Robert Harper), with whom Kathleen has had various run-ins.

Terminator 3 and Bloodrayne actress Kristanna Loken appeared as ADA Lisa Walensky, with whom Will had an on/off relationship during the course of the show.

Cast and characters

Actor Role
Kim Delaney Kathleen Maguire
Tom Everett Scott Will Froman
James Denton Judge Augustus "Jack" Ripley
Kyle Secor Daniel Cavanaugh
Rick Hoffman ADA Terry Loomis
Scotty Leavenworth Patrick Cavanaugh
Diana-Maria Riva Trish
Kristanna Loken ADA Lisa Walensky
Robert Harper Judge Irwin Hawes
Monique Edwards ADA Teena Davis


  1. Pilot
  2. Porn Again
  3. Light My Fire
  4. Tempus Fugitive
  5. Philly Folly
  6. Blown Away
  7. Prisoner of Love
  8. Truth or Consequence
  9. Loving Sons
  10. Fork You Very Much
  11. Live and Leg Die
  12. The Curse of the Klopman Diamonds
  13. Ripley, Believe It or Not
  14. Meat Me in Philly
  15. Lies of Minelli
  16. Here Comes the Judge
  17. No Business Like No Business
  18. Brotherly Love
  19. San Diego Padre
  20. Tall Tales
  21. Thanks for the Mammaries
  22. Mojo Rising
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