Philippine Congressional Medal

Philippine Congressional Medal

Philippine Congressional Medal
Awarded by United States Army
Type Service medal
Awarded for Enlisting for the Philippine-American War
Status obsolete

Service ribbon of the medal

The Philippine Congressional Medal was a service medal of the United States Army which was established by the United States Congress on 9 July 1906. The medal recognized those soldiers who had enlisted in the United States Army for the purpose of the serving in the Philippine–American War.


The four primary criteria, to be awarded the Philippine Congressional Medal, were as follows:

The medal was different from the Philippine Campaign Medal in that the Philippine Campaign Medal recognized general service in the Philippines while the Philippine Congressional Medal was intended for special services rendered.

The Philippine Congressional Medal was considered an authorized military decoration, but soon became regarded as a commemorative medal since it recognized a single event and also was not eligible for presentation to the United States Navy and Marine Corps.


The Philippine Congressional Medal is 11/4 inches in diameter made of bronze with an oxidized and relieved finish. The obverse of the medal depicts a color guard of one flag bearer accompanied by two soldiers bearing rifles, marching toward the left of the medal. Around the edge of the medal are the words PHILIPPINE INSURRECTION. In the exergue is the date 1899. The reverse bears the inscription FOR PATRIOTISM FORTITUDE AND LOYALTY surrounded by a wreath of pine branches on the left and palms on the right, tied at the bottom with a bow. The suspension and service ribbons are ultramarine blue with edge stripes of red and white. The outside white stripes are 1/16 of an inch from the edge and 1/16 inches wide. The inside stripes of old glory red and white are 1/8 inches wide.[1]

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