Perkedel kentang using potato
Alternative names Bergedel, begedil
Place of origin Indonesia
Region or state Indonesia
Serving temperature Hot or room temperature
Main ingredients Potatoes, minced beef, seasoning
Variations Perkedel jagung (maize), perkedel tahu (tofu)
Other information As a side dish, generally served with soto ayam
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Perkedel, bergedel or begedil is Indonesian fried patties, made of ground potatoes, minced meat, peeled and ground corn or tofu, or minced fish. Most common perkedel are made from mashed potatoes,[1] yet there are other popular variants which includes perkedel jagung (peeled maize perkedel) and perkedel tahu (tofu perkedel) and perkedel ikan (minced fish). Throughout most of Indonesia it is called perkedel; however, it is called begedil in Javanese, and also called that way in Malaysia and Singapore, which indicate that this fried food was introduced by Javanese immigrants to Malaysia and Singapore.


Perkedel is believed to be derived from Dutch frikadeller,[1] which is actually a Danish meatball or minced meat dish. This was owed to Indonesian historical and colonial link to the Netherlands. Unlike frikadeller, the perkedel's main ingredient is not meat, but mashed potato.[1]


Prior to mashing, the potato slices, however, are not boiled as that can cause the perkedel to be too mushy, but deep fried or baked instead. The mashed fried potato is mixed, as much as 1:1 ratio, with ground meat or corned beef.[1] The mixture is then mixed with chopped scallion and seasoned with white pepper powder, then shaped into flat round patties and dipped in egg yolk or beaten egg, before being deep fried.

Other than mashed potato, cabe rawit, spring onion, shrimp, peeled corn, or mashed tofu fritters are also common as perkedel ingredients.

Corn perkedel.


Perkedel is a popular dish, either for a side dish or an appetizer. In Indonesia, it is usually served with nasi kuning as part of tumpeng, soto ayam chicken soup to common sayur sop (vegetable-chicken soup).[2]

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