Peoria Babylon

Peoria Babylon
Directed by Steven Diller
Written by Steven Diller
Starring David Drake
Ann Cusack
The Lady Bunny
Matthew Pestorius
Paul Adelstein
Marilyn Pittman
Deane Clark
Distributed by Culture Q Connection
Release dates
November 1997
Running time
90 min.
Country United States
Language English

Peoria Babylon is a 1997 comedy-genre film. It premiered at the Chicago Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival in November 1997.[1]


Candy and her gay friend Jon are owners of financially troubled art gallery in Peoria, Illinois. After exhausting their savings, they concoct a devious scheme in order to save the gallery in this screwball comedy.

They team up with a hunky con artist, the mob and a lesbian porn queen, but at the end little is left standing but their friendship.



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