People's Defense Force

Not to be confused with People's Defence Forces.
People's Defense Force
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance West Coast Avengers #33 (June 1988)
Created by Steve Englehart
Al Milgrom
In-story information
Base(s) Bratislava Prison Superhuman Research Complex
Member(s) Beasts of Berlin
Madame X
Scarlet Beetles
El Toro

The People's Defense Force is a fictional organization in the Marvel Universe.

Fictional team history

The People's Defense Force is a team of Eastern European superbeings who are linked by the fact that they have individually fought Henry Pym during his earliest exploits as Ant-Man and Giant-Man. They operate as the People's Defense Force out of the Bratislava Prison Superhuman Research Complex in the latter days of European communism.

With Quicksilver, who is being manipulated by Maximus the Mad, the People's Defense Force attack the West Coast Avengers to get at Pym. They are defeated by MODAM.[1]

Members of the People's Defense Force included:


  1. West Coast Avengers vol. 2, #36 (September 1988)

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