Paul Moser

Paul Moser

Paul K. Moser (born 1957 in Bismarck, North Dakota) is an American analytic philosopher who writes on epistemology and the philosophy of religion. He is Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago[1] and past editor of the American Philosophical Quarterly.[2] He is the author of many works in epistemology and the philosophy of religion, in which he has supported versions of epistemic foundationalism and volitional theism. His work brings these two positions together to support volitional evidentialism about theistic belief, in contrast to fideism and traditional natural theology. He draws from some epistemological and theological insights of the apostle Paul, Blaise Pascal, Kierkegaard, John Oman,[3] and H. H. Farmer,[4] but adds (i) a notion of purposively available evidence of God’s existence, (ii) a notion of authoritative evidence in contrast with spectator evidence, and (iii) a notion of personifying evidence of God whereby some willing humans become salient evidence of God's existence. His most recent work emphasizes the importance of foundational evidence from the self-manifestation of God's moral character to cooperative humans. An evidential role for agapē, along the lines of Romans 5:5, is central to his theistic epistemology. One result is a distinctive approach to divine hiddenness.

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Winner of the 2011 Alpha Sigma Nu (Honor Society of Jesuit Colleges and Universities) Book Award for Philosophy
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