Paradise Bay (TV series)

Keith Andes as Jeff Morgan.

Paradise Bay is an American daytime serial which aired on NBC Daytime from September 27, 1965,[1] to July 1, 1966. The show was created by former As the World Turns director Ted Corday who later created the long-running serial Days of Our Lives.

The show aired in the morning at 11:30 a.m.; it was paired with Morning Star which aired before it and also was created by Ted Corday. Paradise Bay was one of the first soap operas to air in color. Among the writers was Irving Vendig who had written Search for Tomorrow, Three Steps to Heaven, The Edge of Night, and The Clear Horizon.


The show had many famous actors appear on it during its short run.


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1965-1966 Season


The main storyline during the series' run was a murder. The body of a murdered girl washed up on shore during the first episode. Other storylines included the goings on at a local radio station, run by Jeff Morgan (Keith Andes) and the story of a local band run by teens. Paradise Bay used contemporary music, and was one of the first soap operas to do so.


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