For the preceding company, see PGP-RTB.
Founded 1958 (as PGP-RTB)
1993 (as PGP-RTS)
Genre Various
Country of origin Serbia
Location Belgrade
Official website

PGP-RTS (Serbian: Produkcija gramofonskih ploča Radio televizije Srbije) is a major record label based in Belgrade, Serbia.[1] It is a successor of PGP-RTB which was established in 1959 in Belgrade, then capital of Socialist Republic of Serbia and Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.[2]

After the breakup of Yugoslavia, in 1993, the company changed its name to PGP-RTS, which is the music production branch of the Radio Television of Serbia.[1]


PGP-RTB is notable for signing numerous eminent Serbian pop, rock and folk acts.[3] Some of the artist currently signed to PGP-RTS, or have been so in the past, include:[1]

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