Out There (Australian TV series)

Out There
Starring Richard Wilson
David Roberts
Douglas Smith
Cody Kasch
Jade Ewen
Rebecca Jones
Molly McCaffrey
Country of origin Australia
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Executive producer(s) Elizabeth Nealon
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 30 minutes
(with commercials)
Original network CTW
Original release 1 May 2003 – 1 July 2004

Out There is an Australian comedy-drama series following the trials and tribulations of an American high school boy named Reilly (Douglas Smith) who moves to Australia from Connecticut as his father flees the authorities. He stays with his aunt and uncle who are the owners of a nature reserve and veterinary clinic.[1]


In the series, Reilly is joined by a girl named Aggie Thackery (Jade Ewen), an intern from Britain. She is initially annoyed at his stubborn attitude, but grows to like him. Reilly also makes friends with an eccentric local boy, Miller McKee (Richard Wilson). As the series develops, Reilly goes out with the girl next door, Fiona McDaniels, whilst Miller is turned down by Aggie, who does not yet return his strong feelings for her.

It was followed by a second series on the ABC in which Reilly returns to the US and is absent from the whole remainder of the series. A supposed intern from Texas named Tom (Cody Kasch) arrives, hoping for a 'new start', only to be discovered as a fraud and almost sent back to the US. This season also develops three new supporting characters, the captain of Aggie's Netball team, Alice (Ashleigh Murray), who has secret affections for Miller, Gregor Krauss (Sean Kennedy), Aggie's short-lived love interest, and Miller's newfound stray dog, Hendrix.[2]



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