Operation Mojo

"Operation Mojo"
The Naked Brothers Band episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 3-4
Directed by Polly Draper
Written by Michael Rubiner
Bob Mittenthal
Produced by Ken H. Keller
Caron Rudner-Keller
Production code 302-303/ 994
Original air date November 22, 2008
Guest appearance(s)


Episode chronology

Operation Mojo is part documentary and part rock-mockumentary musical comedy of the TEENick series The Naked Brothers Band. It's the sixth television movie of The Naked Brothers Band, and the second of season 3. The movie aired on Nickelodeon on November 22, 2008


When Nat sees a tabloid photo of Rosalina kissing a young Frenchman during her "around the world cruise", he becomes convinced that he’s losing her for good and goes into a funk that threatens to prevent him from finishing the movie the band is making.

Desperate to snap him out of his gloom, Alex leads Nat into the wilderness, believing that surviving the perils of nature will lead Nat to discover his inner strength and regain his mojo. But with so much at stake Alex knows that failure isn’t an option, so he enlists the aid of his band mates to clandestinely stage events designed to make Nat believe he’s a wilderness hero.

When it seemed that the band is not helping, they made a plan with Qaasim's cousin to be saved from a bear and be kissed by Nat. The movie includes the debut of two brand-new songs, "I Feel Alone" and "Curious," both written and performed by Nat Wolff. At the end Rosalina comes back, explains her mistakes, and they kiss and hug.

Songs Performed

Song Lead Vocals and Lyrics Drums
"Got No Mojo" Nat Wolff Alex Wolff
"I Feel Alone" Nat Wolff Alex Wolff
"Curious" Nat Wolff Alex Wolff
"Rosalina" Nat Wolff Alex Wolff


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