On Our Own Land

Na svoji zemlji
Directed by France Štiglic
Written by Ciril Kosmač
Starring Stane Sever
Lojze Potokar
Franc Presetnik
Mileva Zakrajšek
Štefka Drolc
Music by Marjan Kozina
Cinematography Ivan Marinček
Edited by Ivan Marinček
Distributed by Triglav Film
Release dates
November 21, 1948
Running time
110 min
Country Yugoslavia
Language Slovene

On Our Own Land (Slovene: Na svoji zemlji) is a 1948 film directed by France Štiglic. It was the first Slovene sound feature film. It was released on 21 November 1948 in Union Cinema (Kino Union) in Ljubljana, received a great public acclaim, and was entered into the 1949 Cannes Film Festival.[1]


A scene from the film

The script was based (with significant changes) on the novella Grandpa Orel (Očka Orel) by Ciril Kosmač. It depicts the last two years of World War II in the Slovenian Littoral, occupied by the Italians. After their capitulation, the German army takes over a village. The movie tells about both the Partisan resistance forces and the villagers.[2]


The film was shot on location in the black-and-white technique in the villages of Grahovo ob Bači and Koritnica.[3]


The music for the film was written by the composer Marjan Kozina.

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