Omer Fattah Hussain

Omer Fattah Hussain
4th Prime Minister of PUK-controlled Kurdistan
In office
4 July 2004  14 June 2005
Preceded by Barham Salih
Succeeded by Position Abolished
1st Deputy Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan
In office
1 March 2006  24 February 2009
President Massoud Barzani
Prime Minister Nechervan Barzani
Preceded by Post Created
Succeeded by Imad Ahmad Sayfour
Personal details
Born 1948
As-Sulaymaniyah, Iraq
Nationality Kurdish
Political party Kurdistan Democratic Party
Residence Erbil
Religion Sunni Islam

Omer Fattah Hussain (Born: As-Sulaymaniyah) is the former deputy prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government[1] (KRG) in Iraq. Due to political problems in the PUK, he handed his resignation in on 24 February 2009.[2] He also served as acting Prime Minister of Jalal Talebani's Suleimaniyeh based Kurdish administration from July 2004 (when Barham Salih resigned to become Deputy Prime Minister for the Iraqi Interim Government until June 2005 with the re-unification of Iraq's Kurdish autonomous Republic.[3]

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Political offices
Preceded by
Barham Salih
Prime Minister of PUK-controlled Kurdistan (acting)
Succeeded by
Position Abolished
Preceded by
Post Created
Deputy Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan
Succeeded by
Imad Ahmad Sayfour
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