Olleh TV

olleh TV is an HD IPTV service provided by South Korea's main telecom operator KT. It broadcasts VOD including TV programs, movies, children’s programs, sports, documentaries and animations.

Olleh TV for PlayStation 3

Since November 20, 2007, following a partnership between KT and Sony Computer Entertainment, Olleh TV is made available for PlayStation 3 owners in South Korea.[1][2] Once the PlayStation 3's firmware version 2.10 installed in the system, a new icon, called "TV", appears in the XMB. The user is asked to agree a terms of service form then to download the 13MB Olleh TV player.[3] Olleh TV is also a provider of Spanish television programming. Olleh TV signed a deal with HDTV Inc. to bring three new markets into the Spanish broadcasting circuit. According to Pr Newswire, “This new market includes Tampa, Florida, Charleston, South Carolina, and Palm Springs, California.” The purpose of signing this agreement it to attract a wide range of Hispanic audiences. “Olleh TV already serves eight markets reaching over 3.5 million Hispanic viewers.” “There are many Hispanic shows slated to air on these affiliates. The popular shows include ‘Papparazzi TV Sensacional,’ ‘Maria Elvira Live!’ ‘Esta Noche Tu Night’ with Alexis Valdes and ‘Los Implicados,’ among others.”Olleh TV is sure to be a hit among the Hispanic community because they are commitment to providing programming catered to the Hispanic community and culture.


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