Odašiljači i veze

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Odašiljači i veze d.o.o. (OiV) is a Croatian limited liability company (društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću), digital television and WiMAX operator born from the separation from Croatian Radiotelevision in 2001.

Croatia started to test DVB-T transmission on June 13, 2002. It transmits 4 national TV channels at that time (HRT 1, HRT 2, HRT 3 and Nova TV). Odašiljači i veze built a network of 9 transmitters, completed in 2007 and covering about 70% of the country. Analogue broadcasting is closed down in October 2010.

Currently, as of December 2013, it transmits 11 national channels (HRT 1, HRT 2, HRT 3, HRT 4, RTL Televizija, RTL 2, RTL Kockica, Nova TV, Doma TV, SPTV and CMC), as well as regional services.

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