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(Heer / Luftwaffe)

Rank insignia German officer rank
Introduction 1956
Rank group Commissioned officers
Army / Air Force Oberstleutnant
Navy Korvettenkapitän
Army Lieutenant colonel
Air force Wing commander

Oberstleutnant (German pronunciation: [oːbɐstlɔʏtnant]) is a German Army and German Air Force rank equal to Lieutenant Colonel, above Major, and below Oberst.

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There are two paygrade associated to the rank of Oberstleutnant. Paygrade A14 is the standard level paygrade whereas A15 is assigned to senior Oberstleutnant personnel.

Oberstleutnant of the General Staff or Reserve have the words "im Generalstabsdienst" (i.G.), "der Reserve" (d.R.) after their rank—thus: "OTL i.G.", "OTL d.R."

Oberstleutnant who are definitely retired are described as "außer Dienst" (a.D.)

During World War II, the SS maintained an equivalent rank known as Obersturmbannführer.

Rank insignia

On the shoulder straps (Heer, Luftwaffe) there are two silver pips (stars) in silver oak leaves.

Heer Luftwaffe
junior Rank
Major (Germany)

(German officer rank)

senior Rank

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