OSS 117 Is Not Dead

OSS 117 n'est pas mort
Directed by Jean Sacha
Produced by Albert Bauer
Written by Jacques Berland Screenplay
Jean Lévitte
Jean Bruce
Source material
Starring Ivan Desny
Music by Jean Marion
Cinematography Marcel Weiss
Globe Omnium Films [1]
Distributed by Republic Pictures (USA)
Release dates
August 14, 1957[2]
Running time
80 minutes
Country France
Language French

OSS 117 n'est pas mort is the film debut of Jean Bruce's fictitious secret agent Hubert Bonnisseur de La Bath (alias OSS 117) and the beginning of a long-lasting series.[3] It was released in the United States by Republic Pictures under the title O.S.S. 117 is Not Dead in 1959[4]


OSS 117 is asked for help by a female acquaintance (Magali Noël as "Muriel Rousset"). She beseeches him to retrieve secret documents which have been stolen from Sir Anthony Lead (Georges Lannes), the father of Anita (Danik Patisson) and Marion (Marie Déa). He complies with her wish and no obstacle or danger can hinder him to meet her expectations.



Jean Bruce started publishing OSS 117 novels in 1949, four years before Ian Fleming's first James Bond novel was released.[5] This first film adaptation of OSS 117 also preceded Bond on the silver screen,[6] although the very first Bond adaptation premiered on U.S. television in 1954.


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