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Ođđasat is a Sami television news programme broadcast in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Jointly produced by NRK, SVT and Yle (the public-service broadcasters in their respective countries), the programme is presented from NRK's studio. When the programme's production began, its titles and graphics were different to those of NRK's dometsic television news bulletins. Around 2008 saw the programme's new look: while it still differed from the revamped look of the rest of NRK's bulletins from months earlier, the lower-thirds (as well as the subtitles on NRK's broadcast) were set in the grid of graphics of NRK's bulletins from that time, and it utilised Neo Sans typeface (also NRK's on-screen typeface from that time) for its presentation. In mid-2015, about months after NRK's domestic bulletins revamped their look, Ođđasat went with the new corporate look as well as music.

It is broadcast five days a week, ten months a year. Each programme is around 15 minutes long and deals mostly with Sami issues but also has Nordic and world news, often dealing with other indigenous peoples. The news are broadcast in Northern Sami and are subtitled in either Finnish, Norwegian or Swedish for respective areas (Swedish subtitles are also utilised on Yle Fem's broadcast).

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