Nuts TV

Nuts TV
Launched 12 September 2007
Closed 15 January 2009 - remained on Broadband until 2014
Owned by Turner Broadcasting System Europe (Time Warner Inc.)
Timeshift service Nuts TV +1 - also shutdown

Nuts TV was a British television channel related to Nuts magazine. Nuts TV began broadcasting on Freeview channel 42 on 12 September 2007, and launched on Sky Digital on 21 January 2008.[1] A 1-hour timeshift channel, Nuts TV +1 launched on 20 October 2008.[2]

Nuts TV was launched by the magazine's owner IPC Media and Turner Broadcasting, which are both parts of the Time Warner media empire. The service was produced by etv media group, with advertising sales handled by Turner.

On 28 October 2008, Turner Broadcasting announced that Nuts TV was to be taken off Freeview in early 2009 and replaced with CNN International, but will carry on as an internet channel.[3] It is also announced that Nuts TV was to be taken off Sky Digital in January 2009 along with Nuts TV +1.[4] Nuts TV was closed down at 3 am on 14 January 2009 and was on broadband until the magazine's closure in April 2014, when all the company's properties were terminated.


Most of the content for the channel was produced in-house in their purpose-built studio. A spokesperson for Nuts TV commented that the channel was looking for some third party ideas to expand its schedule, however as the channel was closed down this never came to light [1]


Premised Format

Prior to launch, information was released to the press about the channel's content; "The channel's programming will feature a live format reflecting Nuts' brand of "unique and fast-paced humour". Nuts TV will take the magazine into the TV arena with exclusive original content within a live studio setting" according to a joint statement made by Turner and IPC. "Cameras will be placed all over the set such as the corridors and production offices to allow the producers to show action from behind the scenes. The programming will be live, five nights a week, with hosted highlights for the remaining two. This live format is suited to the Nuts audience, who are familiar with the pace, variety and immediacy of the web".

"Whilst Nuts TV will have all the character and personality of the magazine, it will not replicate it, and will offer its own unique take on girls, sport, entertainment, gadgets, cars and news. Much of the show will involve viewers as the new channel seeks to include as much user-generated content as possible such as phone ins, the ability to send in content such as mobilephone videos and text messages. The first part of participation all ready involves the chance for viewers to become guest presenters".

Since launch, Turner and IPC have followed their proposed format. Nuts TV has live content from Tuesday until Saturday. Sunday and Monday are 'Best Of' days, where the best of the week's highlights are shown.

To encourage viewers to keep watching, a "pub ammo" question is asked before the commercial break, with the answer being revealed at the end. The questions are general knowledge and trivia based; the idea being the questions could be asked in a pub quiz.

However, in the 11 April issue of Nuts magazine, on page 20 it was announced that Nuts TV would no longer feature live studio content.



The initial presenters were:

Since Nuts TV started, some guest hosts appeared. These included:


Initial ratings were described as "inauspicious", with a first night average of 9,000 viewers (0.10% share), with a peak of 28,000 upon launch.[5]

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