Nudist Paradise

Nudist Paradise
Directed by Charles Saunders
Produced by Nat Miller
Frank Bevis
Written by Leslie Bell
Denise Kaye
Orb International
Distributed by Orb
Release dates
February 1959
Running time
72 mins
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £15,000[1]

Nudist Paradise is a 1958 British film. It was also known as Nature's Paradise in the US.

It was the first British nudist movie.


Mike Malone (Carl Conway) is in love with a secretary called Joan (Anita Love) who is a nudist.


The film was shot on location at Britain's then leading naturist club, Spielplatz in St Albans, whose owners Charles and Dorothy Macaskie, make cameo appearances.[1]


The film was a large success at the box office and recouped its cost in a matter of weeks. It inspired a number of similar films set in nudist camps.[1]


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