Nightmare (1964 film)


Film poster for Nightmare
Directed by Freddie Francis
Produced by Jimmy Sangster
Written by Jimmy Sangster
Starring David Knight
Moira Redmond
Jennie Linden
Music by Don Banks
Cinematography John Wilcox
Edited by James Needs
Distributed by Rank (U.K.)
Universal (U.S.)
Release dates
  • 19 April 1964 (1964-04-19)
Running time
83 mins
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Nightmare is a 1964 horror/suspense film from Hammer Films. The film was directed by Freddie Francis and written by Hammer Films regular Jimmy Sangster. The British Film Institute has the only 35mm print in the UK.


The film's protagonist, Janet, is a young student attending boarding school. After a number of nightmares concerning her mother, whom she saw kill her father when she was young, the girl is sent home to her guardian, Attorney Henry Baxter.

At home, she is assigned a nurse. Janet begins having more nightmares this time concerning an unknown woman with a scar and a birthday cake. The dreams get worse and worse. Finally, her guardian brings home his wife, whom Janet has never met. Janet is introduced to the woman at her birthday celebration.

The cake and woman from her dreams with the scar appearing at once is enough to make Janet snap. She kills the woman by stabbing her - the same way her mother killed her father. Janet is committed. Meanwhile, her guardian Henry and the nurse, who was disguised to look like the woman with a scar to drive Janet mad, celebrate the loss of Janet. However, the two do not go unpunished.


Jennie Linden was an 11th hour casting choice replacing Julie Christie who dropped out to do the film Billy Liar. This was the final film performance of American actor David Knight who subsequently focused on theatre work.

Critical reception

AllMovie called the film an "effective little chiller that packs a surprising punch for a film of its age."[1]


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