Nickelodeon (Central & Eastern Europe)


Nickelodeon Logo (From February 2010)
Launched November, 1998 (in Malta)
December, 1998 (in Romania)
October, 1999 (in Hungary)
February, 2010 (in Czech Republic)
November, 2011 (in Croatia)
March, 2012 (in Ukraine)
April, 2013 (in Slovenia)
April, 2013 (in Serbia)
November, 2013 (in Bulgaria)
Owned by Viacom International Media Networks (Europe)
Picture format

16:9 576i (SDTV)

16:9 1080i (HDTV)
Country Romania
Czech Republic
Language English
Broadcast area Central Europe, Southern Europe & Eastern Europe

Nickelodeon premiered in November 1998 in Malta as a 12/7 feed. On Christmas Eve 1998, Nickelodeon came to Romania airing 14/10 in Romanian. On October 6, 1999, this version started to air in Hungarian also. Later, Nickelodeon debuted in the Czech Republic on February 10, 2010, in Croatia on November 18, 2011, in Ukraine on March 2012, in Slovenia and Serbia on April 28, 2013 and in Bulgaria on November 4, 2013.


Nickelodeon HD Launch

In fall 2011 it was reported that Nickelodeon HD and Nick Jr. will launch in the Romania and Czech Republic. In October, the Czech version of Nickelodeon HD began testing on satellite and is currently encrypted. Nickelodeon HD is expanding in Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia and Hezergovina, Malta, Turkey, Russia and CSI. On December 1, 2011, Nick Czech increased its video bitrate from constant 3,4 Mbit/s to variable 5,4 Mbit/s.

Presentation (2011-present)

In January 2012, Nick CEE got the new US look part of the Nickelodeon Worldwide 2012 Refresh. These bumpers are only used as idents and do not contain voice-overs over a short text display (Like Nick UK). The bumpers for cartoons were updated on April 24, 2012. They were created by Avealmo. They are also used on Nick Latin America. Like the bumpers for the live-action programming, they do not contain a voice-over or any text indication of what show it is.

In February 2013, Nick CEE updated its on-air presentation for promos to the UK format.

In November 2013, Nick CEE underwent a refresh and received new bumpers part of the Nickelodeon Worldwide 2013 Refresh. These newly contain a voice-over.

Nickelodeon Central & Eastern Europe broadcasts commercials. In the promos for Nickelodeon shows it only shows the show name and nickelodeon logo.

On April 1st 2015, Nickelodeon Central & Eastern Europe started broadcasting in 16:9 widescreen.

Programming blocks

Weekend Awesomeness

This programming block starts Sundays at 16:45 and airs a special episode of an shows or movies.

Saturday Marathons

This programming block starts Saturdays at 12:00 and airs a marathon of specified shows.

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