Nick Takes Over Your School

Nick Takes Over Your School
Presented by Lizzie Trevan
Dave Lawson
No. of seasons 7
Original network Nickelodeon
Original release March 4, 1998 (1998-03-04)[1] – 2004 (2004)

"Nick Takes Over Your School" is the title of a Nickelodeon Australia reality show that ran from 1998 - 2004.


Nickelodeon Australia Personalities would visit schools around Australia, have a look around, and feature a game with kids vs. teachers. The teachers would generally lose, and kids were given pieces of Nickelodeon Merchandise.[2]


Lizzie Trevan hosted the first six series.[3] In the seventh series of the show, Dave Lawson, a well known Nickelodeon Australia Personality, was the host.


After the seventh series of the show, Nickelodeon Australia decided to cancel "Nick Takes Over Your School" to focus more on "Sarvo" and "Saturday Nick Television". Saturday Nick Television was cancelled one year later.

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