Nick Picks

Nick Picks is a series of five DVDs (Including Nick Picks Holiday 2006 DVD, & The Unreleased 2007 DVD Of Nick Picks: Volume 6, Wich Would Make It 7 DVDs, But Really Makes It A Total Of 6 Released DVDs) from the TV channel Nickelodeon. The volumes collect episodes from several different Nickelodeon series featuring cartoon shows.

List of Nick Picks DVDs

DVD Release date DVD name Episodes
Show Episode Length
May 24, 2005 Nick Picks 1 This DVD contains 2 episodes & 5 TV-movies/specials:
All Grown Up! Lucky 13 22 minutes
SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob B.C. 22 minutes
Fairly Odd Parents Information Stuporhighway 22 minutes
Jimmy Neutron
Fairly Odd Parents
Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 1 45 minutes
Danny Phantom Bitter Reunions 22 minutes
My Life as a Teenage Robot Hostile Makeover 11 minutes
Rugrats Finsterella 22 minutes
October 18, 2005 Nick Picks 2 This DVD contains 5 episodes & 3 TV-movies/specials:
Fairly Odd Parents The Big Superhero Wish 22 minutes
All Grown Up! Interview with a Campfire 45 minutes
SpongeBob SquarePants I'm with Stupid
SpongeBob Meets the Strangler
11 minutes
My Life as a Teenage Robot Gridiron Glory 11 minutes
Jimmy Neutron Sleepless in Retroville 11 minutes
Danny Phantom Splitting Images 22 minutes
Rugrats All Growed Up 45 minutes
February 7, 2006 Nick Picks 3 This DVD contains 7 episodes & 1 TV-movies/specials:
All Grown Up! Dude, Where's My Horse? 45 minutes
SpongeBob SquarePants Fear of a Krabby Patty 11 minutes
Catscratch Bringin' Down the Mouse 11 minutes
Jimmy Neutron Brobot 11 minutes
Danny Phantom Fright Night 22 minutes
My Life as a Teenage Robot See No Evil 11 minutes
Fairly Odd Parents Hall to the Chief 11 minutes
Fairly Odd Parents Twistory 11 minutes
June 6, 2006 Nick Picks 4 This DVD contains 6 episodes & 2 TV-movies/specials:
All Grown Up! R.V. Having Fun Yet? 45 minutes
SpongeBob SquarePants Have You Seen This Snail? 22 minutes
Fairly Odd Parents Where's Wanda? 11 minutes
Fairly Odd Parents Imaginary Gary 11 minutes
The X's Photo Ops 11 minutes
Jimmy Neutron The Big Pinch 11 minutes
Danny Phantom Teacher of the Year 22 minutes
My Life as a Teenage Robot The Great Unwashed 11 minutes
September 26, 2006 Nick Picks Holiday This DVD contains 7 TV-movies/specials:
All Grown Up! The Finster Who Stole Christmas 22 minutes
SpongeBob SquarePants Christmas Who? 22 minutes
Fairly Odd Parents Christmas Every Day! 22 minutes
Rugrats The Santa Experience 22 minutes
Danny Phantom The Fright Before Christmas 22 minutes
My Life as a Teenage Robot A Robot for All Seasons 22 minutes
ChalkZone When Santa's Collide 22 minutes
March 13, 2007 Nick Picks 5 This DVD contains 5 episodes and 2 TV-movies/specials:
SpongeBob SquarePants Dunces & Dragons 22 minutes
Mr. Meaty Parkerina 11 minutes
Jimmy Neutron The Trouble with Clones 22 minutes
Danny Phantom Fanning the Flames 22 minutes
My Life as a Teenage Robot Future Shock 11 minutes
The X's Secret Agent Manual 11 minutes
Catscratch Love Cats 11 minutes


Reviewers have complained about the choice of episodes for the DVDs, including the fact that some episodes have already been on other Nickelodeon DVDs, as well as the lack of special features.[1][2][3]

Other versions

A similar version, TEENick Picks was released on DVD in 2006, featuring REAL characters but not cartoon. Three more volumes were planned in 2007 but it was scrapped.

A version was created for Nick Jr. is called Nick Jr. Favorites collect different Nick Jr. shows.


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