Nice (band)

Not to be confused with The Nice.
Origin Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Genres Indie rock, pop rock
Years active 1991 (1991)–1994 (1994)
Labels Feel Good All Over
Associated acts The Cannanes, Rewind on the Paranoid Side, Ashtray Boy
Past members Randall Lee, Susannah Stewart-Lindsay, Francesca Bussey, Jo Packer, Mark King

Nice was an Australian indie rock band which formed in 1991.[1] The band was fronted by Randall Lee formerly of The Cannanes and later of Ashtray Boy on vocals and guitar; Susannah Stewart-Lindsay, previously a member of the Adelaide-based band, Rewind on the Paranoid Side, on guitar; and Jo Packer on drums.[1] Francesca Bussey, later a member of The Cannanes, was a member of Nice on bass guitar during the recording sessions for their first album, Nice (1992), but left during production and was credited only as a guest. Bussey was replaced on bass guitar by Mark King.[1]

Allmusic's Nitsuh Abebe felt that Nice, which was issued by United States label, Feel Good All Over, showed that "Lee's dark jangle sounds absolutely stunning, and while the record's songwriting isn't as consistent as one might hope, the majority of it works incredibly well, with unconventional time signatures and progressions keeping things from falling into strummy banality".[2] "Dear John", which was the lead track on Nice, was covered by the band Aden. The band's songs "Theme from Nice" and "Circuit Diagram" from their 1993 album, Apple Pie, were included in the popular 1990s Nickelodeon show The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Adebe described Apple Pie as "a step toward the more varied pop sound" of Lee's future work with Ashtray Boy.[3]



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