Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory

The Newmark Lab main entrance
Newmark Lab Crane Bay
Entrance to the Yeh Student Center

The Nathan M. Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory, or Newmark Lab, located at 205 N. Mathews Avenue in Urbana, Illinois on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, houses the university's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The Lab was built in 1967, and has been modified and updated a number of times since then.[1] The facility was named after professor and department head Nathan M. Newmark after his death.

The building consists of classrooms and offices surrounding a large open area called the crane bay for large scale experiments,[1] including those of the Newmark Structural Engineering Lab (NSEL). Newmark also contains a professional machine shop where students and faculty can have material fabricated by the staffed professionals, and a student instrumentation workshop where students and faculty can fabricate materials themselves.

In 2011, the M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Student Center was added to the building.

Crane bay

The crane bay is a large open area in the center of Newmark Laboratory with a three story height. It is where much of the department's structural research and testing is done. There are large doors on both the north and south sides of this area, where trucks and equipment can move through. The crane bay gets its name from two large yellow hydraulic cranes on rails above the room, which move heavy equipment around. The crane bay houses many structural analysis equipment, including a concrete cylinder crusher for strength tests and beam deflection measurement devices. There is also a 28-foot-tall (8.5 m) L-shaped concrete reaction wall with hydraulic actuators, which was added in 2004. The crane bay's large open size is also sometimes used for departmental events such as Engineering Open House and the department's annual career fair.[2]

M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Student Center

In 2011, an addition called the M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Student Center, designed by Teng & Associates,[3] was completed at the cost of $7 million, adding 20,500 square feet (1,900 m2) of classrooms, student study space and meeting rooms. The Yeh Center was funded entirely with private gifts,[4][5] in particular a $4 million gift from M. T. Geoffrey Yeh, a 1953 graduate of the Department of Civil Engineering. Yeh is chairman of Hsin Chong International Holdings, Ltd., a large construction company in China.

The remainder of the funding for the addition came from private sources including alumni and corporate sponsors, and $1.0 million contributions by both the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the College of Engineering.[6] It opened in time for the start of classes in fall 2011.

Organizations that use Newmark facilities

Many student and professional research organizations use Newmark's facilities for various projects and events.[7]





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