Nest Family Entertainment

Nest Family Entertainment was formed in 1987 as Family Entertainment Network by Jared F Brown and Seldon O Young. The studio owned Richard Rich's animation studio Rich Animation Studios until 2000 when it was acquired by Indian animation company Crest Animation Studios and renamed to RichCrest Animation Studios before being renamed again to Crest Animation Productions.

Nest Family Entertainment and Rich Animation created the original 1994 animated feature film, The Swan Princess, with New Line Cinema (now Sony Pictures). The intellectual property rights for The Swan Princess art, logo and title have been transferred to Swan Princess Partners Utah LLC [1] (DBA Swan Princess Partners).[2] Swan Princess Partners is also owned by Jared F Brown and Seldon O Young and is currently active in merchandizing The Swan Princess brand and creating more animated films with Sony Pictures and Streetlight Productions (Richard Rich's production studio).

Nest Family Entertainment distributes short animated films for children's education, such as the Animated Heroes Classics.



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