Naxatra News Hindi

Naxatra News Hindi
Type Broadcast television network
Country India
Availability National
Headquarters Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Owner Gurukul Media and NK Media Ventures

Naxatra News Hindi is an Indian 24-Hour Hindi News Broadcasting Channel focusing on Jharkhand and Bihar. Naxatra News is Headquartered in Ranchi,Jharkhand for the States of Bihar,Jharkhand and the Hindi speaking areas of West Bengal and Orissa. The channel went on air on 20 May 2012 and is widely distributed through Multi System Operators and Local Cable Operators. It has one of the Widest coverage among the channels in Jharkhand and Bihar. It has a host of entertainment, educative and informative programmes. Other than this Naxatra News keeps its viewers updated with 5 Regional, 3 National and 2 Jet News Bulletins effectively interspersed with the programmes.
Naxatra News Hindi is a Joint Venture between Gurukul Media led by Mr Sinha and N.K Media Ventures of Orissa led by Mr Mallick. It has one of the largest studios in Eastern India. Naxatra News is also planning to launch a newspaper.


Satellite Header text
Orbital Location 83 Degrees East
Down link Polarization Horizontal
FEC 3/4
Downlink Frequency 3873 MHz
Symbol Rate 3400 MSPS

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