Navy Medical Service Corps

Seal of the United States Navy Medical Service Corps.

The Medical Service Corps is a staff corps of the United States Navy, consisting of officers engaged in medical support duties. It includes healthcare scientists and researchers, comprising around 60% of its personnel, and healthcare administrators, comprising the remaining 40%.[1] Many of the latter are former enlisted hospital corpsmen, the Medical Service Corps Inservice Procurement Program (MSC-IPP) being one of several routes from enlisted service to commissioned status. The Medical Service Corps has around 2,600 serving commissioned officers.[2]


The Navy Medical Service Corps was created on 4 August 1947 by act of the United States Congress. Originally it had four specialist sections: Supply and Administration, Optometry, Allied Sciences, and Pharmacy.[1] Currently the Navy Medical Service Corps has three sections: Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Sciences, and Clinical Care Providers.

Healthcare Sciences are subdivided into the following fields of specialty:

Clinical Care Providers are subdivided into the following fields of specialty:

Clinical Psychology[1]
Dietitian/Food Management[1]
Occupational Therapy[1]
Physical Therapy[1]
Physician Assistant[1]
Social Work[1]

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