Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command

Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command
Country United States
Branch United States Navy
Type Special Operations Training

The Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command was established 6 December 2006 as a shore activity. It is located at 1 Hooper Boulevard, Imperial Beach, CA 91932-1050. It is also known as NAVSPECWARADVTRACOM.

Advertised as another major milestone in the NSW Global Transformation and a reshaping of the Naval Special Warfare Center. The requirement for NSW specialized Courses of Instruction (COI) in support of the War on Terrorism will continue to increase, necessitating establishment of the advanced training command. NAVSPECWARADVTRACOM will be responsible for the coordination, management, and conduct of the specialized COIs and for providing the same training to Joint Special Operations and foreign counterpart personnel. Manpower exceeding 200 will be provided by transfers from Naval Special Warfare Center, San Diego. The command supports more than 30 advanced training courses, seven detachments and 15 training sites across the country, including detachments in Alaska and Hawaii.

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