Nationalist Democratic Assembly

Nationalist Democratic Assembly
التجمع القومي الديمقراطي
Leader Hassan Ali
Founded 1991 (1991)
Headquarters Zinj[1]
Ideology Neo-Ba'athism,
International affiliation Iraqi-led Ba'ath Party
Colors Black, Red, White and Green
Council of Representatives
0 / 40
Consultative Council
0 / 40
Party flag

The Nationalist Democratic Assembly (Arabic: التجمع القومي الديمقراطي, Al-Tajamu'u Al-Qawmi Al-Dimuqratiyah) is a political party in Bahrain. It is the Bahraini regional branch of the Iraqi-led Ba'ath Party.[2] The party is led by Secretary General Hassan Ali and Deputy Secretary General Mahmoud Kassab.[3] It was established by Bahrainis who had studied in Ba'athist Iraq during the 1960s and 1970s. The party boycotted the 2002 parliamentary election but not the 2006 election.[4] The 2011 parliamentary by-election was boycotted by the party in solidarity with the Bahraini uprising.[5] It is headquartered in Zinj.[1]

The party opposes the government's naturalisation policies, and contends that it is unfair for ethnic Bahrainis to compete equally with foreign workers for jobs.[2] It remains pro-Saddam Hussein[1] and, according to its webpage, supports the Arab Spring.[6] It opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq, considering it an act of brutality against the Iraqi people.[7] The party actively supports the overthrow of the existing monarchy, with a peaceful transition to democracy.[8]

It is part of a four-party opposition alliance opposing the government, which comprises two Shia Islamist parties (Al Wefaq and the Islamic Action Society) and the leftist National Democratic Action Society.


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