Namco System 23

The Namco System 23 is an arcade system board produced and developed by Namco. Announced in 1996[1] and released in 1997, it was the last arcade system produced by the company that was based on their own custom design, as opposed to just a derivative of console hardware. Like the System 22, the System 23 also featured a more powerful variant called the Super System 23. One of the advertised features of the System 23 was the "Gashin Strong Bass System," which was simply a bass amplifier hooked up to the sound system. It was succeeded by the Namco System 10 in 2000.

System 23 specifications

List of games

System 22.5 / Gorgon

System 23

Super System 23

Super System 23 GMEN

Super System 23 Evolution 2


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