Nalgonda district

This article is about the district. For its eponymous headquarters, see Nalgonda.
Nalgonda district
నల్లగొండ జిల్లా
District of Telangana
Country India
State Telangana
Tehsils 31
  District collector Gaurav Uppal
  Total 2,449.79 km2 (945.87 sq mi)
Population (2011)
  Total 1,631,399
  Density 670/km2 (1,700/sq mi)
Vehicle registration TS - 05 [1]
Nalgonda District Revenue divisions

Nalgonda district is a district in the Telangana state of India. It has a population of 3,483,648 of which 13.32% is urban as of 2011.[2]


Nalgonda is derived from two Telugu words Nalla (Black) & Konda (Hills) i.e. Black Hills.[3]


Main article: Telangana Rebellion

Nalgonda was earlier referred to as Neelagiri, the name given by some Rajput rulers and the name was changed to Nallagonda only after its conquest by Allauddin Bahaman Shah, a Bahamani king.

Goddess Deity relief near Nagarjunakonda
Lateef Saheb Darga at Nalgonda

The district has a major role in Telangana Rebellion


The district is spread over an area of 2,449.79 square kilometres (945.87 sq mi).[4]


As of 2011 Census of India, the district has a population of 1,631,399.[4]

The Krishna River, Musi River, Aleru, Peddavagu, Dindi River, Halia River and Paleru flow through the Nalgonda district. The district is much affected by high fluorine content in water.


Pochampally fancy silk saris

In 2006 the Indian government named Nalgonda one of the country's 250 poorest districts (out of a total of 640).[5] It is one of the nine districts in Telangana currently receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF).[5]

Administrative divisions

The district is divided into three revenue divisions of Nalgonda, Miryalaguda, Devarakonda. These are sub-divided into 31 mandals and has 565 villages.[4] Gaurav Uppal is the present collector of the district.[6]


The below table categorizes 31 mandals into their respective revenue divisions in the district:

# Nalgonda Division Miryalaguda Division Devarakonda Division
1 Chandur Dameracherla Chandampet
2 Chityal Miryalaguda Chintapally
3 Kanagal Vemulapally Devarakonda
4 Kattangur Haaliya Gundlapally
5 Gurrampode Nidamanur Gurrampood
6 Munugode Peddavoora Konda Mallepally
7 Nakrekal Tripuraram Nampally
8 Nalgonda Madugulapally Marriguda
9 Narayanapur Thirumalagiri Pedda Adiserla Pally
10 Narketpally Adavi Devulapally Neredu Gomma
11 Shaligowraram
12 Thipparthy
13 Kethepally
TSRTC Busbay at Nalgonda

Notable personalities

Tollywood actors Kanta Rao, Prabhakar Reddy, Venu Madhav, Uttej and lyricist Suddala Ashok Teja and noted film Telugu film directors N.Shankar are from Nalgonda district.

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