Mysterious Ways (TV series)

Mysterious Ways
Created by Peter O'Fallon
Written by Peter O'Fallon
Carl Binder
Dawn Ritchie
Steven Barwin
Melissa Byer
Treena Hancock
Starring Adrian Pasdar
Rae Dawn Chong
Alisen Down
Country of origin Canada
United States
No. of episodes 44
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) Lionsgate Television
Paxson Entertainment
Original network CTV / Pax (Seasons 1-2) / NBC (Seasons 1-2)
Original release July 24, 2000 – May 14, 2002

Mysterious Ways is a Canadian/American television science fiction/drama series that was produced in-house by what was once PAX TV, in association with Lionsgate Television and CTV. The show first aired in the United States in 2000 on PAX. NBC, which had a minority interest in PAX, aired the show during the summer months. Mysterious Ways was created by Peter O'Fallon, but was written and directed by a number of people. It was cancelled in 2002 after two seasons. Mysterious Ways currently airs in syndication on VisionTV in Canada.


The series focuses on the search for explanations of, and evidence for, seemingly miraculous phenomena. This search is carried out by the protagonist Declan Dunn (Adrian Pasdar). Declan is a professor of anthropology at the Northern University of Oregon and is often compared with Indiana Jones due to his energetic enthusiasm for solving a mystery. His passion for miraculous events has its roots in a self-experienced mischance of being caught in an avalanche and getting out alive. He considers this to be miraculous and attributes it as the turning point in his life. In several episodes he makes references to this event and the impact it had on his life.

Always ready to help out with the research, though sometimes they appear slightly reluctant, are Declan's close friends Dr. Peggy Fowler (Rae Dawn Chong), a psychiatrist at a nearby hospital, and Miranda Feigelsteen (Alisen Down), a physics graduate student and Declan's research assistant. Peggy is the most levelheaded of the three and is generally the one presenting the mundane alternatives to Declan's theories. (However, her so-called "rational explanations" often provide no explanation whatsoever, e.g. "It was just a freak occurrence".)

Often being assigned to carry out tests of various substances, or operating a range of instruments, is Miranda. She is the second skeptic besides Peggy, with a somber and introvert personality, sometimes with moments of joking banter or sarcastic comments. However, in the episodes "The Ties That Bind" (1.08) and "Free Spirit" (2.14) another, more open side of her is shown before her social peers, if only temporarily. Being the quiet personality, Miranda is sometimes somewhat of a mystery even to her best friends.

In many cases the episodes conclude with a rational explanation being seemingly validated, then disproven at the last minute; thus leaving the question of paranormal activity open once more.

Despite many fans pushing for it, as of November 2016 the series has not been released on DVD.


The cast of Mysterious Ways

Declan Dunn is the main character of the series. Declan is a Professor of Anthropology at Northern University in Oregon. While skiing, he was caught up in an avalanche. He was left for dead, but miraculously made it out alive. Ever since this incident, Declan has dedicated a large part of his free time to investigating miracles that occur around or to certain individuals in the hopes that it will bring some perspective to the miracle that saved his life. He is assisted in his investigations by his close friends Dr. Peggy Fowler, a psychiatrist and Miranda Feigelsteen, Declan's assistant. Both of these women are strong skeptics and, although they rarely turn down helping Declan, they always attempt to use science to explain the events that surround the miraculous phenomena. Declan has a wry sense of humor that he uses to make jokes even in the face of strange phenomena.

A smart and open psychiatrist who helps victims of strange and unusual events cope with their feelings. Although having a relatively cheerful personality, Peggy is still haunted by her husbands's death and because of this event, no longer believes in miracles but in people. Despite her beliefs, she nearly always helps Declan whenever he requests it, her connections at the hospital being a great help to Declan and his investigations. She often attempts to disprove Declan's theories and is confused and elated when she cannot explain the miracles she witnesses.

Assistant to Declan and Physics graduate student, Miranda is sarcastic, intelligent and slightly unimpressed. Like her friend Peggy, Miranda has little belief in miracles and nearly always has a contrary position to Declan's theories. Despite this, Miranda is very loyal to Declan and always has time to listen to him and his theories. Their relationship is very special, Declan seemingly being the only one to bring Miranda out of her shell.

Episode list

Season 1 [1]
Title Director Writer(s) NBC Airdate Code
11"Amazing Grace"Carl BinderStory: Peter O'Fallon
Teleplay: Peter O'Fallon, Joel Fields, Carl Binder
July 24, 2000101
22"The Gray Lady"Carl BinderPeter O'FallonJuly 31, 2000102
33"The Midas Touch"Alan SimmondsTreena Hancock, Melissa R. ByerAugust 7, 2000104
44"Camp Sanopi"Michael RobisonCarl BinderAugust 14, 2000105
55"Spirit Junction"Steve AnkerDawn RitchieAugust 21, 2000107
66"Twins"Anne WheelerBarbara CovingtonAugust 28, 2000103
77"Crazy"Alan SimmondsBarbara CovingtonSeptember 4, 2000106
88"The Ties That Bind"Ken JubenvillTreena Hancock, Melissa R. ByerSeptember 11, 2000108
99"Demons"Allan KroekerGabriel David Tick, Steven BarwinSeptember 12, 2000109
1010"Crystal Clear"Brad TurnerPhilip GersonNovember 7, 2000113
1111"Stranger in the Mirror"Ken JubenvillEric TuchmanNovember 14, 2000111
1212"Handshake"Michael RohlCarey Hayes, Chad HayesNovember 21, 2000116
1313"Intentions"Rick StevensonBarbara CovingtonNovember 28, 2000110
1414"Reason to Cry"Brad TurnerBarbara CovingtonDecember 19, 2000115
1515"The Greater Good"Charles WinklerTreena Hancock, Melissa R. ByerJanuary 1, 2001117
1616"Yesterday"Michael RobisonCarl BinderJanuary 8, 2001121
1717"19A"Alan SimmondsTreena Hancock, Melissa R. ByerJanuary 9, 2001112
1818"Strike Two"Ken JubenvillDawn RitchieJanuary 15, 2001114
1919"Dead Dog Walking"Peter O'FallonDawn RitchieJanuary 22, 2001119
2020"Wonderful"Ken JubenvillEric TuchmanJanuary 29, 2001122
2121"Do You See What I See?"Rick StevensonEric TuchmanFebruary 6, 2001118
2222"John Doe #28"Scott WilliamsTreena Hancock, Melissa R. ByerMay 1, 2001120
Season 2 [2]
Title Director Writer(s) NBC Airdate Code
231"Phoenix"Michael RobisonCarl BinderJuly 13, 2001201
242"One of Us"Michael RobisonMelissa R. Byer, Treena HancockJuly 20, 2001205
253"Pure of Heart"Rick StevensonBarbara CovingtonJuly 27, 2001204
264"Condemned"Michael RobisonDawn Ritchie, Carl BinderAugust 3, 2001207
275"Lost Souls"Richard MartinMelissa R. Byer, Treena HancockSeptember 4, 2001210
286"Spike"Rick StevensonEric TuchmanSeptember 18, 2001202
297"Child of Wonder"Ken JubenvillEric TuchmanOctober 2, 2001206
308"29"Ken JubenvillDeborah Starr SeibelOctober 9, 2001208
319"Love's Divine"Scott WilliamsJohn MandelOctober 16, 2001209
3210"The Big Picture"Ken JubenvillPhilip GersonNovember 6, 2001211
3311"A Time to Every Purpose"Gil ShiltonBarbara CovingtonNovember 13, 2001212
3412"Doctor in the House"Brad TurnerPhilip GersonNovember 27, 2001203
3513"The Last Dance"Ken JubenvillDan D'AmelioDecember 11, 2001213
3614"Free Spirit"Ken JubenvillEric TuchmanJanuary 15, 2002214
3715"Spark of Life"Rick StevensonMelissa R. Byer, Treena HancockJanuary 22, 2002220
3816"Face in the Crowd"M. RobisonBarbara CovingtonFebruary 5, 2002222
3917"Logan Miller"Richard MartinBarbara CovingtonFebruary 26, 2002217
4018"Friends in Need"Ken JubenvillEric TuchmanMarch 19, 2002218
4119"A Man of God"Brad TurnerCarl BinderMarch 26, 2002219
4220"MUTI"Michael RobisonTreena Hancock, Melissa R. ByerApril 30, 2002215
4321"Listen"Scott WilliamsDeborah Starr SeibelMay 7, 2002221
4422"Something Fishy"Scott WilliamsCarl BinderMay 14, 2002216


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