Industry Pay TV
Headquarters Mauritius, Rodrigues
Products IPTV
Owner Mauritius Telecom

My.T is an IPTV service in Mauritius. It is owned by Mauritius Telecom.

My.T Watch offers subscribers access to a number of premium digital channels through the My.T set top box. The set top box also includes a Video On Demand (VOD) service allowing customers to purchase movies and access to a range of interactive services. The My.T Surf offers subscribers internet broadband connection and the My.T Talk offers subscribers low cost international calls to overseas countries.

The My.T Watch service is offered over an IPTV infrastructure and then offers its channels to its customers.

Recently My.T introduced fiber optic communication technology, commonly called La Fibre, which increases the internet speed. They also introduced several new TV features: Electronic Program Guide, TVOD, ContrĂ´le du direct, Mosaic, Picture in Picture(PiP) and others.

My.T + Livebox 2

The My.T Logo used before March 2016.

MyT + Livebox 2 packages give subscribers broadband access to the internet at speeds: 1Mbit/s, 2Mbit/s and 4Mbit/s.

On all MyT + Livebox 2 packages, users also get access to

My.T La Fibre

My.T La Fibre (fiber technology) was launched in late 2013 and was rolled out in early 2014 in select regions, the service operates via FTTH and offers various packages; 10, 20 and 30Mbit/s with data caps of 75, 150 and 225GB respectively while an unlimited 10Mbit/s package is also available at a higher price. 30 My.T channels are offered as part of all four offerings. Alongside the existing offers, a 100Mbit/s 'unlimited' package (capped to 600 GB per month with FUP) was introduced in March 2016 at a higher cost.

The service is advertised as an upgrade over the previous ADSL and MyT packages.


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