Music, Poetry and Madness

Music, Poetry and Madness
Directed by Humberto Gómez Landero
Produced by Felipe Mier
Written by Antonio Guzmán Aguilera
Humberto Gómez Landero
Starring Germán Valdés
Marcelo Chávez
Meche Barba
Music by Rosalío Ramirez
Federico Ruiz
Cinematography Ezequiel Carrasco
Edited by José W. Bustos
AS Films
Release dates
8 May 1948
Running time
90 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Music, Poetry and Madness (Spanish title:Músico, poeta y loco) is a 1948 Mexican comedy film directed by Humberto Gómez Landero and starring Germán Valdés, Marcelo Chávez and Meche Barba.[1]



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