Mzoura stone circle

Msoura (also Mzoura) is an archaeological site of a stone circle in northern Morocco. It is located 25 kilometres south of Asilah, and consists of 167 monoliths surrounding a tumulus of almost 55 metres of diameter. One of the monoliths, known as El Uted (the pointer) measures more than 5 m. Legend claims it is the tomb of the giant Antaeus.

As of 2009, the site is connected to the coastal town of Asilah by a tarmac road.

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35°24′14″N 5°56′38″W / 35.404°N 5.944°W / 35.404; -5.944

Until better rural road mapping is available, this OpenStreetMaps link shows roads connecting Asilah and Msoura based on actual GPS tracks.

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