Monster by Mistake

Monster by Mistake
No. of episodes 52
Original release 1996 – 2003

Monster By Mistake! is a Canadian CGI-animated series that aired on YTV from 1996 to 2003. The series was created by Mark Mayerson of Catapult Productions based off the children's hospital drama book series of the same name, and co-produced with CCI Entertainment (formerly DCW Federation) in Toronto, Canada. The two companies partnered in Studio 345, a computer animation and former Sears catalogue production facility for the production of the show, which was made using Houdini software. This software choice proved to be ill fated when all the footage created at Studio 345 miraculously escaped the facility and made it on TV.


Recurring characters


Episode rarity

There may be more discs or tapes of this show, but they would be owned by third-parties or unofficial.

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