Monash Province

Monash Province
VictoriaLegislative Council
State Victoria
Created 1937
Abolished 2006
Namesake John Monash

Monash Province was an electorate of the Victorian Legislative Council until 2006. It was abolished from the 2006 state election in the wake of the Bracks Labor government's reform of the Legislative Council.

Members for Monash Province

Member 1 Party Term Member 2 Party Term
Sir Frank Clarke UAP/Liberal 1937–1955 Archibald Crofts UAP 1937–1942
Sir Frank Beaurepaire UAP 1942–1943 [r]
Sir Frank Beaurepaire UAP/Liberal 1943–1952
Charles Gawith Liberal 1955–1967 Thomas Brennan Labor 1952–1958
Lindsay Thompson Liberal 1967–1970 Graham Nicol Liberal 1958–1976
Charles Hider Liberal 1970–1979 James Guest Liberal 1976–1996
Don Hayward Liberal 1979–1985
Reg Macey Liberal 1985–1992
Louise Asher Liberal 1992–1999 Peter Katsambanis Liberal 1996–2002
Andrea Coote Liberal 1999–2006 Johan Scheffer Labor 2002–2006
[r] Beaurepaire resigned in August 1943, re-elected in October 1943


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