Ingram Entertainment Holdings Inc.

Ingram Entertainment Inc.
Founded 1981
Founder David B. Ingram, Chairman and President
Headquarters Nashville, La Vergne, Tennessee, United States
Number of locations
Key people
David B. Ingram, Chairman & President
Bob Geistman,Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Bob Webb, Senior Vice President of Purchasing and Operations
Donnie Daniels, CFO
Products DVD, Blu-ray, Videogames, Audiobooks, and Accessessories
Number of employees
540 associates with an average tenure of fifteen years
Subsidiaries DBI Beverage, Monarch Home Entertainment

Ingram Entertainment Holdings Inc. is an American distributor of home entertainment products, like DVDs, audiobooks, video game software and hardware. Ingram Entertainment Inc, is the nation's largest distributor of DVD software. The company has 14 locations in the United States and offer services to videogame stores, videogame and electronic stores, supermarkets, drugstores, and internet retailers. Ingram Entertainment Holdings Inc. had total revenues of $616 million in 2010 processing approximately 100 million units of DVD and video game software.[1][2][3] The company has two affiliates: video distributor Monarch Home Video and beverage distributor DBI Beverage.


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