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Mell Lazarus's Momma (November 22, 2009)

Momma is an American comic strip by Mell Lazarus (1927-2016) that debuted on October 26, 1970. Initially distributed by the Publishers-Hall Syndicate, it later was handled by Creators Syndicate and published in more than 400 newspapers worldwide.[1]

Although Lazarus based the character on his own mother, when he showed it to her, she thought the character was based on his aunt, exclaiming, “You caught Aunt Helen to a tee!”[1][2]

Creators Syndicate announced Momma's (and Mell Lazarus') death July 10, 2016 in a comic strip memorial that included other grieving comic strip characters. [3]

Characters and story

The central character is Sonya Hobbs, a short, widowed, opinionated senior citizen with a controlling, nagging personality. She has three grown children:

While Momma constantly tries to make them feel insignificant without her, they consider her to be an emotional burden. Still, they love her in their own way as she loves them in turn. Momma has a variety of dream sequences, which include a homeless Francis holding a cup for donations. Other dream sequences include her late husband Jerome and herself at Heaven, awaiting entrance.[4]


Book collections include Momma (Dell, 1972) and The Momma Treasury.


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