Moja TV

Moja TV
Joint-stock company (Public)
Industry Telecommunication
Founded February 1, 2010 (2010-02-01)[1]
Founder BH Telecom
Headquarters Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Area served
Bosnia and Herzegovina

MojaTV Phone
MojaTV Net
MojaTV Full
MojaTV Premi
MojaTV Biz

Moja TV Web
Services IPTV
Parent BH Telecom

Moja TV is a Bosnian IPTV provider, subsidiary of the BH Telecom.

Moja TV service provides various thematic channels, HD and Timeshift channels, Video on demand, video recording, the use of an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and other similar services. Customers must purchase or rent an IPTV set-top box and subscribe one of the four basic TV packages: Moja TV Phone, Moja TV Net, Moja TV Full and Moja TV Premi. There is also MojaTV Biz is a service designed for business customers.

A special Pay-per-view TV channel Moja TV Sport is dedicated to the most attractive matches of the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Moja TV Sport is the owner of TV rights for the football match between FK Sarajevo and FK Željezničar (Sarajevo's Derby match).[2]

On 31 July 2012 BH Telecom signed a two year deal with Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding the sponsorship and broadcasting rights of the league, effectively renaming the league to BH Telecom Premier League.[3] The contract was extended in 2014 for another 2 years.

In all packages there are special TV channels that broadcast live pictures from 20 panoramic cameras from the major Bosnian cities and tourist destinations. Musical background consists of a program of national or local radio stations (BH Radio 1, RSG Radio etc.).

Moja TV HD package (with 10 HD TV channels) costs about 4 KM (BAM) per month. Optional package with 20+ television channels (Pink + Package) costs 3.50 KM (BAM) per month while "Cinema TV" is charged separately for 1 KM per month.

All HBO and Cinemax channels costs about 10 KM (BAM) per month.

Moja TV channel line-up

The program packages offered by Moja TV currently (as August 2016) offers more than 211 TV channels and 54 radio stations.[4]

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